General rules of Operation Climbing gym rules

1. General



The general rules of operation (GRO) are binding for all users of the " Kletterhalle Saalfelden Betriebs GmbH & co KG, referred to as: "FACILITY".

Their purpose is first of all the avoidance of accidents and keeping order and hygienic facility.

The GRO are displayed in the reception area, inside the hall and in the changing room. These must be read by every user of the hall.

These GRO can be read and downloaded in our homepage " "

Clients of our facility agree to the terms of this GRO and commit to follow the rules of this GRO.

1.2 The definition " site of the facility " include:

1.2.1 Boulder sites - free style climbing sites (indoor and outdoor)

1.2.2 Top rope sites

1.2.3 Lead climbing areas, outside climbing site and fixed rope routes

1.2.4 Changing rooms

1.2.5 Parking spaces

1.2.6 Bathroom facilities


1.3 Requirements for the use of the facility

1.3.1. General user requirements are as follows:

(i) Completion of the registration form

(ii) Purchase of an admission ticket

1.3.2 If the client is in possession of a valid multi entry pass or a season or annual member card the registration form must be completed only once. This is also valid for the purchase of one ore more multi entry passes, season or annual member cards as well as switching between multi entry pass, Season or annual member card.

1.4 Use of the climbing facility by minors

1.4.1 Minors from 12 years of age may use the facility without supervision provided a legal guardian has fully completed the registration form for these minors and has purchased an admission ticket for minors from 12 years and up.

1.4.2. Minors under the age of 12 years may use the facility only in presence and supervision of an adult provided the minor is in possession of an valid entry ticket and the adult is in possession of an valid belay or admission ticket. Everybody must follow the instructions of an supervising employee of the facility in regard to safe rope handling and climbing technique. It is up to the judgment of the employee of the facility (according to his/her evaluation) to ban any minor under 12 years of age from the use of the facility or to restrict his use of parts of the facility (for example only the use of the bolder site). The accompanying adult is responsible for the appropriate conduct of the minor. He/She is also responsible for any personal or property damage.

1.5 Tickets are nontransferable to other persons. There is no refund for loss of any admission ticket, multi entry ticket, season or annual pass.

1.6 It is illegal to smoke or to drink alcoholic beverages in the facility. Climbing under the influence of drugs or alcohol is strictly forbidden.

1.7 The wardrobe is to be used for changing, storage of clothing,equipment and personal items. We do not take responsibility or liability for theft or loss in the wardrobe or in the facility.

1.8 Every guest must follow the instructions of the employees of the facility.

2. Risks

2.1 Climbing contains certain risks. The practice of climbing contains always a non controllable residual risk and requires constantly a high amount of concentration, self responsibility and specific knowledge.

2.2 The use of the facility is at your own risk.

2.3 The facility is responsible for the operational safety and reliability of the whole facility. The facility is not responsible for any injuries to customers due to the exercise of climbing and all risks related therewith.

2.4 Adults are responsible for minors who are allowed in the facility according to chapter 1.4 2.5 The facility and its employees are not responsible for any personal or property damage, specifically any claims of damage caused by personal error and no recourse is possible. Lost items cannot be replaced. The entrance fee to the facility does not include any personal or property insurance.

3. General safety requirements in all parts of the facility and usage of the facility

3.1 The data in the registration form must be correct and true. Any employee of the facility may evaluate the technical skills of any climber at any time which he disclosed in the registration form.

3.2 Nobody is allowed to use any part of the facility under the influence of alcohol, drugs or sedating medication.

3.3 No glass bottles or containers are allowed in climbing areas.

3.4 In order to prevent injuries every climber is asked to warm up appropriately before use of the climbing walls.

3.5 Climbing is only allowed with equipment conforming to the standards in mountain climbing and which is in faultless condition. Climbing with only an chest harness is prohibited due to the risk of injuries.

3.6 In addition to the skill check according to paragraph 3.1, an employee of the facility may perform a security check on the climbing equipment. Should there be any defects on the equipment the permission to use the facility may be revoked to ensure the safety of all other climbers.

3.7 Any climbing must be performed in adequate climbing shoes. Climbing in street shoes or barefoot is strictly prohibited.

3.8 To prevent injuries it is prohibited to wear any type of jewelry ( like rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.) . Also prohibited is the use of Mp3-players or similar devices that could affect the concentration during climbing.

3.9 It is only allowed for one user to use a set route at the same time. Every climber must pay attention to have enough clearance to other climbers. It is strictly prohibited to climb on top of another climber to avoid falling on another person.

3.10 It is strictly prohibited to attach, change or move any steps, holds, hooks, intermediate belays, top ropes, etc. Any loose or moving step, hold, hook, etc. must be reported immediately to an employee of the facility.

3.11 Artificial climbing holds are not part of any standard norm. At any time they may break off or become loose and may therefore endanger climbers or other persons. The facility is not liable for the stability of grips, steps, hooks, etc. Everybody must be prepared for equipment to drop down at any time. The use of a helmet is recommended.

3.12 The facility and the sanitary installations must be kept clean.

3.13 Animals and pets are prohibited.

4. Specific rules for bouldering (climbing without a rope), top rope and lead climbing.

4.1 Climbing without a rope (bouldering) is only permitted, without exception, in areas designed as boulder areas. There is no bouldering (free solo climbing) allowed in lead climbing areas.

4.2 The safety mats in the boulder area may not be used as resting areas. Only the designated resting areas are to be used to relax and to rest.

4.3 With the exception of the bouldering area ropes are mandatory in all climbing areas ( top rope- lead climbing ).

4.4 Top rope climbing is prohibited from an intermediate belay (quick draw). If the belay station at the top of the route cannot be reached and both carabiners clipped the rope must be pulled.

4.5 Top rope climbing in overhanging areas is only allowed if the rope is attached to an intermediate belay point and leads to the top belay point equipped with two carabiners. All available intermediate belays must be engaged. Uncontrolled swinging should therefore be prevented for the climber.

4.6 The standardized partner check must be performed before the use of any lead climbing area.

4.7 All available intermediate belays must be used during lead climbing to minimize the risk of injury during a drop. This means no available intermediate belay can be left out. Specially at lead climbing every intermediate belay must be connected from a safe position as possible.

4.8 At the end of every lead climbing route a reverse chain is attached. The rope must be clipped into both carabiners attached to the reverse chain. It is prohibited to use two ropes at one reverse chain to prevent danger to life due to melt down of the ropes.

4.9 Any climbing rope may be only used by one climber at one time.

4.10 The climber must be lowered slowly and steady. Special attention must be paid not to endanger other climbers.

4.11 No ropes under 60 m (180 feet) should be used.

4.12 Only norm conform belay devices may be used. The user must have experience at handling these devices.

4.13 After finishing a route all personal equipment must be removed.

5. Instructed courses

5.1 The facility is offering instructed courses to teach or improve the skill in all areas of the climbing sport. Information about the offered courses, dates and charges are posted inside the facility or can be found on the web page The number of available spaces is limited. The order of incoming payments will determine the admittance to the course. Participants who cannot be accommodated will be informed immediately. All payments will be refunded. The registration in the course is binding and the space will be reserved by the facility only after receipt of the full course payment by the participant.

Payment must be received at latest 5 days before the start of the course.

(Kletterhalle Saalfelden Betriebs GmbH & CoKG,

Raika Saalfelden, Account # 170.183, BLZ 35053).

The right to participate in the course will be declined should there be a delay of payment (This does not void the obligation to pay).

5.2 Courses run by visiting professional instructors must be registered and approved by the facility management.

5.3 The leader of an visiting group carries the full responsibility for the members of his/her group.

5.4 During the duration of a course some areas of the facility may be closed down. These restrictions will be posted in a timely manner in a bulletin. The blocked area is not accessible for other climbers.

5.5 Without authorization from the management It is not permitted to block or reserve climbing areas by groups or group leaders.

5.6 Parts of the climbing areas may be temporarily closed for tournaments, events, cleaning of walls and holds, changing of routes and other necessary maintenance work. All closures will be posted in a timely manner (as much as possible). These situations do not allow for a claim of compensation to any other user of the facility. The purchase of an entry ticket or the registration to a course does not automatically guarantee the right to use specific parts of the facility.

5.7 The facility reserves the right to cancel events if there are unforeseen circumstances. If an event has to be canceled the management of the facility will try to find an acceptable replacement date. Should this not be possible, 100% of the paid fees will be refunded. There are no refunds for accrued travel expenses or commuting expenses. The facility is authorized to cancel the contract without refund to a customer, especially if the customer acts against the rules of the contract, rules and regulations of the facility or if the behavior of the customer creates a danger for the proper execution of the course or a danger to other participants of the course.

5.8 Should a customer cancel a course or event, the following cancellation charges will be applied:

Cancellation within 7 days of the course/ event 60% of the initial cost.

Cancellation within the last 24 hours of the course/ event 100% of the initial cost.

Please use our cell number (+43 (0) 664 34 878 76 for any cancellation and leave a message in our mail box. If the cancellation is due to personal illness or other unforeseen situation ( severe illness of a relative, etc.), the cancellation fee can be used toward the payment of an alternative course.

6. Expulsion of a user or member of the facility

6.1 Anyone who is in breach of instructions of facility employees may be excluded from the use of the facility and may be expelled from the property of the facility. In this case the offender is not entitled to any type of refund of the daily pass, season-, or yearly card.

6.2 A permanent ban of entry to the facility may be issued by multiple offenses against the GRO. In such cases the daily pass, season or yearly pass will be confiscated by the facility. There will be no compensation for the purchase price (in full or in part) of the affected pass.

7. Arrival and departure.

The arrival and departure are at the personal risk of the attendee.

8. Acceptance

The user of the facility agrees that any photos or videos taken within the boundaries of the facility may be published for advertising purposes or in print media without compensation.

Every user agrees to be contacted via telephone, fax, e-mail, SMS or mail for informational purposes. He/She is able to revoke this permission at any time without specification of reason. 

9. Invalidity of individual regulations

Invalidity of individual sections of the GRO or contract does not affect or void the validity of any other clauses of the remaining contract.

10. Court of jurisdiction

Court of jurisdiction: Bezirksgericht Saalfelden.

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